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Anonymous asked:

I don't get how it's "okay" to watch BH6 or any other movie even though it has whitewashing, rape culture or queerbaiting. How is that OKAY? How can you be aware of such wrongs and sit there in the cinema and laugh likes it's all okay? I don't understand that.


It’s not okay, honestly, but if we restricted ourselves to only media that did absolutely everything the right and respectful way… well, we’d be pretty bored because there would be nothing for us to watch, read, play or listen to.

Look; being aware of problematic things is important but it really is only step one… DOING is an entirely different thing and it’s a lot harder. The thing is… the marginalized (PoC, women, MOGAI people, etc.) aren’t exactly in a power position to force things into being truly “okay”. So what we do is be extremely vigilant and vocal: see something fucked up? Call it out. This famous person said some out-the-way shit? Call ‘em out. This film has this, that, and the third wrong with it? List it. Call it out. But, again, since we don’t pull the strings, we can’t perfect the things we watch so much as we can critique them.

This is why we should endorse, fund, and support independent efforts for better representation of marginalized people made BY marginalized people.. 

It’s not exactly fair to guilt people into not consuming problematic media when pretty much all media is problematic. Again, I’m not saying ignore it or that this isn’t a valid concern… I’m saying we’re all human.

If you can’t in good conscience enjoy problematic things in spite of their issues, it is completely your prerogative and right to not consume those things… but you can’t make that decision for everyone else and you certainly shouldn’t try to fault them because of it. You’re focusing your attentions at the WRONG group of people.


If we were to not consume media just because it’s problematic, there would be nothing to watch. All media is problematic in some way; there’s nothing in this world that’s not offensive to some group. What you find deeply problematic or unwatchable is all up to you, there’s no real standard.

What the post meant is to not make excuses for Big Hero 6 when the problematic aspects of it are brought up. Now, if you want to see the movie knowing full well what’s going to be in it, then that’s fine. Or even if they went into it completely unaware of the problems, that’s ok too. Just don’t defend the movie or it’s crappy decisions.

Here’s an example: Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra are considered some of the most progressive shows ever. But, at the same time, there’s no queer representation at all. Now, if you were to not to watch the show because of that, then that’s fine. If you did watch it, aware that that is a problematic element to the show, then that’s fine too.

If someone is aware of the problems with Big Hero 6 and still wants to see it for the story and characters, then who’s to say that it’s wrong? Big Hero 6 is honestly not the worst thing Disney has ever done *coughSongoftheSouthPocahontascough*, and it probably won’t be the last. Honestly, the best thing to do is have your own informed opinion on what media you consume and to be selective.


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