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Someone please explain me a thing



What’s actually technically wrong with Gerard Butler’s singing?

Like that’s not an attack on people who think he sucks I just can’t quite pinpoint what’s wrong with his performance.

Well it’s autotuned and digitally looped in places because he couldn’t hit/sustain the notes, for one thing.

And even WITH the digital manipulation, a LOT of his higher notes sound incredibly strained.





"It would be a dream come true if Disney redid all the Disney villains like they did Maleficent and tell their stories. I especially want to watch Ursula’s backstory."

"like they did Maleficent" No, they shouldn’t erase the little characterization that was given and rewrite it to be a shadow of the original character.

Or just completely change elements of the story. Like, what the heck was Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather in that film? Ew.

This. The point of doing a sympathetic villain story is to show that “good” and “evil” are points of view. When you give the movie a new bad guy (Aurora’s dad, who was kinda an unrepentant date-rapist megalomaniac) it just reverses the roles, destroys that theme of subjective morality, and ultimately changes the story entirely. If they do continue this other side of story idea with other villains, they need to play that angle and stick to it. 

Help Daisy Run!

Daisy is my friend’s 3 three-year-old Labrador Mix who was recently hit by a car. Her back right hind leg is tore up and one of her main toes broken. Surgery is needed.
She loves to run and play ball. Even in her sleep she runs. She loves her brother, Church. Even though it’s just been a few days, she can’t stand being away from him and not wrestling around. She also hates not being able to jump on the bed and steal pillows.
My friend and her spouse are hoping to get her up and chasing life again. They both are college students and work part time. They know times are tough but anything is a step to getting their doggie up and running again.

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