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DISNEY'S FROZEN RANT: Rapunzel vs Anna?


A lot of people are comparing Anna to Rapunzel…in a bad way.

Well, let’s take a look at these two princesses.


Even from far away, I can obviously tell that they look very different.
For one thing, Anna’s hair is a strawberry blond…

CINDERELLA WAS THE FIRST PRINCESS WITH STRAWBERRY BLONDE HAIR! They just market her as a platinum blonde, because you can’t be a princess without platinum blonde hair, apparently…




nothing has changed.png

Sharper eyebrows, fuller cheeks and lips, softer jaw line, longer neck, thinner shoulders, new mouth shape, kick ass costume design. “Nothing has changed” go fuck yourself.


Still a blonde girl with green eyes. Oh, I sorry. I meant “strawberry blonde.”
I understand animators have certain styles, I get that. But she’s practically an exact copy.
I’m still gonna see the movie. I may even enjoy it! But there is a very real issue going on here with a lack of diverse characters. Just saying.



"The Disney College Program absolutely ruined my relationship with my best friend. It turned him into a hateful, sociopathic social climber. While I am thankful for everything the Walt Disney Company has given me, I am still resentful of the fact that it destroyed something that mattered so much to me"

  • CURIOSITYLEADS said: if that’s the kind of person they are then it would have happened eventually just in a different environment. think about the positive experiences you had there and try to understand that it wasn’t your fault and apparently they’re a jerk.
There were no sex classes. No friendship classes. No classes on how to navigate a bureaucracy, build an organization, raise money, create a database, buy a house, love a child, spot a scam, talk someone out of suicide, or figure out what was important to me. Not knowing how to do these things is what messes people up in life, not whether they know algebra or can analyze literature.
William Upski Wimsatt (via liberatingreality)
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